Affectionately known as Nao-san by her customers, principal Lash Stylist Nao founded Graceous in 2013. Back in 2012, she chanced on the eyelash extension trend at a lash salon in Tokyo. Trained as an interior designer, she was impressed by the level of artistry involved in designing beautiful lash extensions and how they opened up the eyes. Deeply interested, she decided to pick up the skill in Tokyo, home to some of the most skilled lash technicians was known for their artistry and attention to detail. Lash technicians must undergo a training program with have at least 100 practical exercises before working with a customer. Not surprisingly, the Japanese have the craft of lash extensions into an art form.

Nao remains deeply passionate about creating beautiful lashes. She is constantly taking new courses in lash extension to hone her craft and returns regularly to Tokyo to bring back the best in lash technology and lash care items.


Trained in Tokyo, Japan, our team of lash specialists are skilled in the art of creating eyelash extensions that are natural looking, long lasting and non-damaging. At Graceous, we provide bespoke lash styles and great customer service, focusing on educating our clients on taking care their eyelashes to encourage growth. Our lash specialists are trained to have an eye for the smallest details as well as an understanding of bone structure and eye shapes. You can consult our stylists on the look you wish to achieve and we will advise you on the realistic outcome, as many factors affect how your lashes can be styled, and ultimately your natural lashes and the shape of your eyes.

We believe the experience should be comforting and relaxing. So come and have a cup of tea with us, and feel free to discuss the look you desire.

  • We recommend you come for your appointment without eye-makeup as any residual oils or makeup will break down the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to fall off prematurely.
  • Do keep your extensions dry for the first initial 24 hours. Care for your lashes by having a good shampoo 2-3 times a week. If you must wear mascara, do use a water-based one as waterproof mascara requires an oil-based makeup removal and this will cause the adhesive to break down.
  • Be gentle on your lashes. If you are a wild sleeper, try using a silk pillowcase.


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