Lash Extensions

If eyes are the windows to the soul, and lashes are its curtains, then lash extensions are the gorgeous drapes that enhance your overall beauty.

Customize them to try out different styles or make them uniquely you.

Get Lashed the Graceous Way

Chat / Consult

Talk to us if you know exactly what you desire. Or you are unsure of what fits you best. Either way, we listen and we assess your natural lashes (sparseness, length, strength). Then we talk it through to see which customizations would work well on you.

Chill / Imagine

The session time is your ‘me’ time. Nap. Chill. Relax. Even meditate. Plot your next adventure, or imagine your dream date. Do it all with the peace of mind that you are in the hands of a skilled artisan.

Look / Admire

It’s done. Imagination to reality. Now you can fall in love with your look… once again. Its great looking at yourself in the mirror but its time to let the world see you.

Live / Life

New look, fresh and recharged, you are ready to take on the world. Feel the confidence empower you and savour life as you live it. And when you are ready to recharge, we’ll be here for you.

Choose Lash and Customize Style

At Graceous, we only use the best quality of lashes direct from Japan. Light, strong and durable, they have the feel of natural lashes. With the right combination of type of lash, number of lashes and type of curl, we can customize your look to match your style.


Our top of the class offering is patented technology from Japan. Perfect Lash is super lightweight, stronger and lasts longer than normal lashes. Each lash extension is a double lash fan that is applied to one single natural eyelash. It comes in 4 curl varieties to choose from – J,C, SC and D type curls. This lets us create a more voluminous look than classic single lashes while minimizing the burden on your natural lashes. Satisfied with 160 (80:80) lashes or do you prefer the bold look of 280 (140:140) lashes? Talk to us and take the next step.


These are single lashes that are applied one on one to your natural lash to create extensions. They come in a variety of curls that include J, C, L, LD, SC and D type curls. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which curl works best for you, that is why we are here to consult. Whether you want to keep it subtle with 80 lashes (40:40) or bring out the confidence of 160 (80:80) lashes, we are here to customize the most natural look for you.