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Sensible Skincare

Eyelash extensions stand out against flawless skin. Will spending a fortune on skincare products help you acquire the dewy, luminous complexion of models and actresses you so admire?

Not likely unless you share their genes and aestheticians. On the bright side, you can keep your skin healthy and looking good without emptying your pockets.

Go back to basics. Drink more water instead of coffee and bubble tea (another way to save money), get enough sleep and adopt the regimen of clear-skinned Japanese women.

Feed your skin
The Japanese believe that radiant, healthy skin comes from a diet rich in amino acids. These include glycine, proline and alanine found in bonito flakes, kelp, seaweed, tofu, and almonds all used in abundance in Japanese cooking. Consciously add these to your daily meals.

Less is more
Konmari your skincare products. Many of us are swayed by friends’ recommendations or advertisements into buying jars and tubes of stuff that end up in the wasteland of our beauty shelf. Do like Marie Kondo and keep only the absolute essentials. The fewer products, the better. Less chance of irritation from allergies or build-up of chemicals. Not layering various creams and lotions also encourages your skin to produce its own oils and barrier.

Stay clear of the sun
Use sunblock, hat, umbrella, visor – sun protection will save your skin from hyperpigmentation and premature ageing. UV rays destroy the DNA of skin cells resulting in wrinkling and a leathery appearance. So, don’t be blasé about sun exposure. It is very difficult to reverse sun damage.

Avoid squeaky clean
You’d think that it’s good to wash away sweat and grease as often and thoroughly as possible. On the contrary, over-cleansing strips away natural oils, moisture and also friendly bacteria, leaving skin unprotected. Hence, breakouts might happen and the friction of washing your face too energetically might cause thickening and darkening. Look for a light, natural cleanser and don’t wash more than thrice a day.

Go bare skinned
Give skin a rest once a week by not applying any skincare product at bedtime. Skin needs to breathe and renew itself.

Continue the natural look by going without makeup the next day. With customized lash extensions you can zip out of the house looking like you were born fluttering your gorgeous lashes.

Our Graceous lash extensions are super light, natural looking and completely customizable. Choose from multiple styles. Our lash artist will help you choose the perfect length and curl to enhance your eyes and face.

Rice naturally
All over Asia, rice is more than a food staple. As bedak sejuk (cooling powder) in Malaysia and Indonesia, rice powder pellets are dissolved in water and applied on babies and adults to cool, whiten and smoothen skin. In Japan and Korea too, rice water is used as a cleanser and toner.

To make a batch, first soak about 4 tablespoons of raw washed rice in a cup of water. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Sieve the milky water into a container and refrigerate when not in use.

Soak a cotton pad in the rice water and clean the face. It will not remove makeup, so first use an oil- based makeup remover if necessary. Rice water cools and mattifies the skin, tightening pores and soothing irritated skin. Use at home as it tends to leave the wearer white-faced.

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