Goodness Graceous

A Graceous Celebration

Wellness Tips in the time of Coronavirus outbreak

Be a zen beauty

You can’t be beautiful if you are anxious or depressed. Make an effort to be relaxed, kind and considerate. It will create an oasis of calm around you, inspiring others and making you happy.

In all Asian countries where tea is a part of life, rituals have developed around tea-making and drinking. It all boils down to total awareness and can easily be adopted as an everyday habit.

Gather tea ingredients and implements, so you won’t be dashing about looking for this and that. Put your phone on airplane mode. In Japan, we enjoy having tea ceremony or 茶道, chadō or “the way of tea“. Performed with grace, it is a spiritual experience that will enhance mindfulness and enhance your focus on the nowness.

Choose a time of day when you won’t be disturbed or rushed. As part of meditation practice, some have their tea in the early hours of the morning to welcome the dawn of a new day. Others prefer to unwind at night after the kids have gone to bed, or have a tea break in the middle of the afternoon.

Choose a suitable tea for the time of day – black or green tea with caffeine to wake you up, or chamomile to relax you for sleep.

Practise mindfulness
Have a seat. Roll your shoulders. Raise your arms and stretch. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold, and exhale through your mouth.

Turn your concentration completely to preparation of your tea. Be present to the sound of water boiling, steam rising, aroma as the tea leaves release their essence, and the rhythm of your own breathing.

Tea is ready
Before you take your first sip, bear in mind the Zen phrase, ichi-go ichi-e. It means one time, one meeting and signifies the uniqueness of this very moment as time is fleeting and each day should be fully savoured.

Give thanks for everything you should be grateful for. We often focus on our wants, and forget how much we already have. Say a silent thank-you to the people in your life, not forgetting your helper and the hawker who makes your favourite noodle dish. Everyday, there might be new people you should appreciate. Be thankful for the circumstances that enable you to enjoy your cup of tea, and think of ways you can be a better person.

Bask in your blessings for a minute or two before tasting your tea. Enjoy every drop with mindfulness!

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