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Put your Lashes in the Right Hands

Just as you would only go to a qualified optometrist for your contact lenses, you should only get eyelash extensions done by someone properly certified.

You don’t want to risk tear duct infection, improperly attached lashes (which easily fall out) or an unnatural look. After all, the whole point of paying for lash extensions is to own the long-lashed look.

Extending your lashes is not like sticking on false lashes. It requires such delicate dexterity that it has been likened to microsurgery and described as extremely difficult to learn. Little wonder then that it attracts those with an artistic flair, and that Japan’s lash stylists are among the best in the world.

All our lash stylist are Japanese trained to be not only technically proficient but also an artist at heart.

With complete focus, your Graceous stylist dabs glue on a single lash. Working deftly and quickly, she separates your natural lashes to place the synthetic lash on the natural lash. As soon as the lash sticks, she moves on to another lash. By the time she is done, it can be 40 to 100 lashes on each upper eyelid, depending on how natural or dramatic your look of choice.

As your natural lashes form the foundation on which the synthetic extensions sit, it is important to keep your own lashes healthy. To strengthen lashes and promote growth, your Graceous consultant will share advice on maintenance, nutrition and lash care products.

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